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Чланци броја 2/2022, април-јун

2/2022, април-јун Цео број Војно дело
2/2022, април-јун The Basic Properties of the Information Dimension of the Security Environment Milan Miljković, Dragan Jevtić, Slobodan Stojičević
2/2022, април-јун The Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Defining the Concept of “Insurgency” as a Complex Form of Political Violence Bojan Kuzmanović, Srđan Blagojević
2/2022, април-јун The Partition of Kosovo and Metohija: Reality or Delusion? Dušan Proroković
2/2022, април-јун The Challenges of Military Operations in Urban Areas Dragiša Jurišić
2/2022, април-јун The Defence Expenditure and Spending of the Republic of Serbia with Special Reference to the COVID-19 Pandemic Period Milena Knežević
2/2022, април-јун Исправка